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Alain Bali

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Paris Underground

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Alain Bali

I discovered years ago that the best way to explore color photography was to shoot black and white photos, in order to stay away from the standard "canned color" designed by Kodak and Company. I searched old chemistry books and pulled out toning formulas, intending to colorize B&W paper, or 4x5 black and white films sandwiched together. And yes, I even used Chloric Acid mixed with Nitric Acid, to carve the gelatin in order to apply organic dyes in layers. The result was amazing photo prints I was never able to reproduce. Needless to say, for months afterward my hands were red, green and blue; my social and romantic life was dead (almost), and my lungs have never forgiven me. The good news is that Photoshop came to my rescue. The CMYK channels, Blur, and Contrast are now pretty much all the tools I need. And, for the record, all of the photographs on this site have been shot on film.

Paris Underground - Canal Saint Martin

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