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Galerie Lakaye - Los Angeles Showcase for Functional Art Snake Painting - Sculpture - Furniture
Gallery of Painting, Photography, Sculpture, and Furniture in West Hollywood, CA

Where Art and Life Meet

Haitian native Carine Fabius and her French sculptor husband, Pascal Giacomini, opened Galerie Lakaye in September 1990. Their unique concept, which features art in a home setting (as is the case for many dealers back in the Caribbean) introduced new and seasoned buyers to Haitian art in a comfortable, casual atmosphere reminiscent of a private club.

Not Just a Home, More Than a Gallery

The look of the gallery features two outdoor sculpture gardens and an exquisitely designed interior space, set within the architecture of a Craftsman-style home built in the early 1900s in West Hollywood. The numerous works of art on display are presented in Giacomini's stunning steel frames; and the rooms are filled with fine modern furniture and accents for sale by renowned New York designer Tucker Robbins, alongside some of the sculptor's own eyecatching functional art pieces.

The World Sits Up and Takes Notice

A gem like this couldn't be kept hidden for long. In short order, an impressive number of publications began featuring the artspace in their pages, including The Los Angeles Times and Times Sunday Magazine, Vanity Fair, and Bon Appétit magazine (which published a 6-page spread on the home!). There soon followed a number of television and radio programs spotlighting the gallery. This media exposure greatly expanded the scope of Galerie Lakaye's clientele and reputation.


Mehndi - The Art of Henna Body Painting by Carine Fabius

Jagua - A Journey into Body Art from the Amazon by Carine Fabius

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Functional Art
Cover of Bon Appétit Magazine

"For Carine Fabius and Pascal Giacomini, home is where the art is: their Craftsman-style house in Hollywood is also the thriving Galerie Lakaye."
Bon Appétit

Carine Fabius, co-owner of Galerie
Lakaye, is also a jewelry designer
and author of four books:
Mehndi — The Art of
Henna Body Painting;
Ceremonies for Real Life;
Sex, Cheese & French Fries;
and Jagua — A Journey into
Body Art from the Amazon.
Carine's husband and business
partner, Pascal Giacomini,
is an accomplished sculptor.

Horse Sculpture

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