Pascale Monnin


about the artist

Of her work she has stated, "The people that populate my paintings come from my own personal mythology.” The mystical and mysterious characters that visit Pascale Monnin in her dreams and waking consciousness helped to make her a success story at an early age. At 21, in a one-woman show hosted by Galerie Monnin in Pétion-Ville, Haiti, the young painter was able to accomplish what many artists only dream of: a sell-out show. Since then, her career has been a steady stream of prestigious exhibitions in respected galleries and museums throughout the world.

Born in Haiti of Swiss parents, Monnin has been able to take advantage of vastly opposing cultures and spheres of influence. Though she visited Haiti often in her early years and speaks fluent Creole, the artist grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, where she attended art school, learned to etch and sculpt, and earned her B.F.A.

Distinctly European influences are obvious in her work, as is her natural tendency to explore human relationships and sexuality, spirit, the sacred, and its multiple forms of expression via symbolism and iconography as evidenced in world cultures. In 1993, Monnin moved to Haiti, where she lives and works today, and continues to absorb the magic and mystery of her island home.