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about the artist

A native of Paris, France, Pascal Giacomini has been working in Hollywood since the 1980s. He is an accomplished artist working in several genres: sculpture, functional art, photography, and most recently, in the realm of documentary film.

As a participating artist in The Ghetto Biennale of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Pascal documented his time working side by side with like-minded artists in one of the world’s most challenging slums. The result is Out of Chaos: An Art Renaissance in Haiti, a 70-minute feature documentary about the event that, among other things, also documents the profound effect of that experience on his  own creative process.

Pascal has exhibited in various southern California museums and Los Angeles Cultural Affairs venues; he has been the subject of several public art exhibitions; and his site-specific commissions can be seen in prestigious private properties, including Frank Lloyd Wright’s Sowden House and the Norma Talmadge Estate.