Michel-ange Altidort


About the Artist

Michel-Ange Altidort, born in 1965, is considered one of the best artists from the Artibonite school. Like his two younger brothers, Faiderbe and Ernst, he was apprenticed to Saincilius Ismael in 1981; but after only three years he began his career as an independent artist. In spite of his youth, he quickly earned the respect of both peers and collectors.

In 1990, he was honored with a prestigious exhibition (along with Artibonite colleague Carlo Jn.Baptiste) at the College of St. Pierre, Haiti's principal art museum. Altidort's paintings are detailed and elegant. His fanciful butterfly people frolic in delicately colored fantasy jungles. In other works, mythical mermaids seem to vibrate with an energy both serene and joyous.