Eduardo Expósito González


about the artist

a mid-career artist, Eduardo Expósito González’s mixed-media works and collages have been exhibited throughout Cuba, the United States and Europe.

Although his grandfather was a painter and he himself has always painted, Eduardo Expósito actually began work as a photographer. Later he studied drama for three years, and he also ran an art gallery. His professional contacts with respected artists in Cuba, such as Carlos Luna and Adrin Roberto, led to his involvement in the Cuban Center for Cultural Assets in the 1990s, and eventually he took up painting as a career.

Behind many of his paintings are not just feelings but ideas. Some of his favorite techniques in painting are monotype composition, collage, and other methods that he has developed himself.

Recognizable in his paintings is the influence of various Expressionist artists, including Goya, Ensuart, Vin, Sander, Muller, and others. Yet he has never followed the traditional route, either in his schooling or in his work; and he continues to produce art today that is aggressively individualistic.